The Mønster Patterns Manifesto

Noun (Danish)

mønster n

  1. pattern
  2. design
  3. model, paragon



Mønster Patterns is about the power of repeated imagery.

Timeless beauty.

Mønster Patterns is not about seasonal trends. – It is about planetary, universal, timeless beauty, beyond what the market dictates.


Mønster Patterns is about handcrafted pattern design. – In our minds perfection is never reached. What makes us human is how we cherish imperfection, as life itself is magically regular in its chaos. You won’t find sleek, flat, lifeless vector graphics or predictable patterns on Mønster.

Sparking life.

Mønster Patterns provides vivid structures, rich coloured palettes, unexpected compositions and natural forms with that certain spark of life and joy.


Mønster Patterns loves print and liquid colours. – We encourage our motifs to be printed with screens, stencils, full-tone colours and precious finishes. We wish for our patterns to be transferred onto heavy and structured paper, on silk, linen, rice paper or handmade pulp. We want them to be woven, felted, knitted, stitched, embroidered, causticised, flocked.


Mønster Patterns come naturally alive in the analogue world, away from the computer screen. – Think of Japanese origami paper or sheets of traditional Italian Florentine paper. And the whole myriad of garments of old with their luxurious touch, vintage fragrance and aura of the past.


Mønster Patterns is about paying the artist, not some faceless corporate platform. When buying one pattern on Mønster Patterns, you the customer are paying and supporting the artist who crafted your pattern – instantly and directly.


Mønster Patterns is about easy pattern art licensing for a new generation of self-made entrepreneurs whilst also serving long-established businesses. – Our pricing structure is designed to be reasonable and affordable for businesses around the world, large and small.

Shaping culture.

Mønster Patterns is eager to make our man-made world an even more colourful place. A world which is as inspired as we are by the nature that surrounds us and the culture that shapes and defines us – with the helping hand of the internet.



“To understand is to perceive patterns.”

Isaiah Berlin