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I’m not a business owner or entrepreneur. Can I still buy your patterns?
Mønster Patterns is for businesses and single entrepreneurs. However, non-business customers can buy our patterns over at our Spoonflower studio, which is a digital company that sells fabrics, wallpapers and gift papers (and prints in Berlin, Germany and in the U.S.).
Is it possible to buy-out one or more of your patterns?
Yes this is possible - depending on your usage and which pattern you choose. We can block a pattern from our shop for a certain period of time or take it off forever. Please contact us for conditions.
I like many of your patterns but I need them in different colours. Is this possible?
You are allowed to change the colour of your purchased patterns as you wish using your graphics program (such as Photoshop). If you don't know how to change the colours of your pattern files, please don't hesitate to contact us. If you can’t do the changes yourself, we can do the colour changes for you in return for a modest service fee.
I want to produce and sell more than 500 products with one of your pattern designs. Is that possible?
Yes, this is possible. For instance, if you want to sell up to 1000 items, you have to purchase the Resale License twice. If you want to sell your product 5.000 times, then you have to buy the license 10 times. And so forth. Although we cannot monitor every product’s further life cycle, we will make sample investigations into whether appropriate licenses were bought. However, we wish you to be honest with us, just as we believe that you are.
How is my file delivered?
After payment you will receive an email with a link where you can download the file immediately. This download link is only valid for ONE download. So please make sure you save your file properly. Should you have any problems, please contact us.
Do you offer custom resolutions?
If you need a pattern in a different resolution or size, for instance for home decor products, get in touch. We will find a solution! Don't forget that all of our patterns are seamless and thus have an endless size.
Does a pattern disappear from your page, as soon as it is purchased?
No. It will stay in the shop unless you ask for a buy-out. Our designs are not exclusive, which means that a different person or company can use the same pattern for a different purpose other than your own. But as we are a globally active small business, don’t be too worried about it! All of us coexist on this planet to share it with one another.
Do you do custom exclusive designs?
Yes. Anna will create any type of pattern for you. Just get in touch.
What if I’ve made a mistake ordering a pattern?
Once your pattern is purchased it cannot be returned (just like you can’t return MP3s). We therefore recommend that you take extra care before clicking ‘buy’. Add all your favourite patterns to the Favourites section first and review them before purchasing.
What if I don't have a credit card and don't use paypal?
If you're located in the EU: write us an email and we can discuss an 'analogue' payment via bank transfer (IBAN & BIC). For international customers we can discuss a payment via international bank transfer, however we do not recommend it. The reason being that international bank transfers incur costs of up to 25 EUR, which you will have to pay. These charges also vary from country to country and can be higher. If you are willing to incur the extra charges, write us an email and we can discuss this alternative payment. For both, EU an International bank transfers, your pattern will then be delivered by mail after your payment has arrived in our bank account.
Do you sell any products with your designs on? Like clothes or cushions?
Not yet. But you can shop for fabrics and papers at our Spoonflower studio. We will also sell riso-printed origami paper shortly. Stay tuned.
How often do you update your pattern catalogue?
There is no set date, but we update at regular intervals. Sign up to our Newsletter if you wish to be notified about the newest patterns as soon as they’re released.
Are there collections?
There aren’t any collections as such in our shop - yet. Nevertheless, there are enough patterns that can be combined nicely.
I’m a designer. Can I sell my patterns through your website?
Yes, we are open for collaborations. Mønster Patterns is aimed at housing many designers under one roof. Drop us a line! Please note however that we curate this website (and our own patterns) diligently to the highest standards and we don’t just take on any patterns.
Do you do trend reports?
Yes. Anna does commissioned trend reports (from fashion, social media trends to deep research topics such as business modeling in print media). Get in contact if you're interested. We will also update the blog with inspirational articles every once in a while.
Do you do workshops?
We have none scheduled regularly. But we are willing to share our story, thoughts and wisdom on repetition for your event. Get in touch for details.

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